Monday, September 7, 2015

Gun Laws Don't Work!

Not the kinds of laws they're making these days Did you know that thousands of people are killed with knives, clubs, and bare hands? Statistics show that you'd have a better chance of being struck by lightning than to be killed with a gun. Why then, is the gun their FIRST TARGET when it comes to “:making us safe?” The gun is USELESS without somebody HOLDING it, pointing it, and shooting it. Otherwise, it's an inanimate object, like a car, that without a driver can't hurt anyone. More people are killed by cars than by anything else. Why don't they want to ban cars? They say adding fees to gun purchases and ammunition isn't “infringing.” It IS. Guns are expensive by themselves. To add unnecessary “fees” (taxes,” “penalties”) to their cost is DEFINITELY an “infringement” that makes it hard on people of lesser earnings. Voting people who MAKE “gun laws” in office isn't too smart. But we do it, anyway (not me). They keep saying their laws are “reasonable.” But who defines “reasonable?” Them, of course, and the laws they come up with are ANYTHING but “reasonable.” The secret is for people to be more vigilant. If someone “shows signs” of mental problems (as all of the mass shooters have done, but were ignored), somebody should SAY something to the right people so they can be restrained, if possible. (The Gleaner)

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