Sunday, September 6, 2015

They Call It "Gun Violence"

But they ignore the unalterable fact that ALL the guns used here are ILLEGALLY owned, mostly by young gang members (all of wh0ose guns are illegal) and others in a “state of poverty.” In other words, it's NOT the gun's fault, it is the fault of the person HOLDING the gun, who got that gun illegally—which means NONE of their “gun laws” as they are today would have stopped, or even slowed down this “gun violence,” which is actually “people violence.” If guns didn't exist, they'd use knives, or even CLUBS. But whatever it took, they'd get their killing done. When are these fools going to learn this simple fact? Simple, at least, to INTELLIGENT people. Apparently they aren't intelligent enough to “tumble” to it. But, of course, they aren't interested in “stopping gun violence.” What they want is to DISARM the populace so they won't run into guns when they come to take what's ours. They don't worry about the guns in the hands of criminals, because they feel a “kinship” with them. (Valdosta Daily Times)

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