Monday, September 14, 2015

They Aren't Too Smart

Are they? In 2013, this same guy broke into this home when he was a teenager and got shot. So he came back in 2014 and this time was shot and KILLED. What the hell was he THINKING? Maybe to get his revenge for being shot the first time? Didn't make it, did he? Unless he wanted the homeowner to suffer from remorse over his death, that is. But somehow I don't think that homeowner cares much about the death of a burglar. The writer of this article started to advise burglars not to come back to the same place where they got shot once before, then changed his mind and said, “Sure, sure! Come back and help lower the gun violence rate by your death.” People who go into the burglar racket aren't very smart, which this guy has demonstrated graphically. Oh, well: one less burglar more or less isn't a great loss. This guy should win a Darwin Award. Posthumously. Another thug claims misreporting about it being the same guy. But it may have been, anyway. It doesn't matter. The guy should have known about the previous break-in, even if it WASN'T the same guy this time. He must have really been frightened. He ran THREE BLOCKS after being shot before he died. (Concealed Nation)

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