Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wal-Mart Needs A Lesson

A lesson in reality. An AR-15 or a semi-automatic shotgun is a LEGAL PRODUCT. You can't stop people from getting one by stopping selling them in YOUR store. They'll just go somewhere else. Not only to buy that, but to buy everything else they might buy in your store, as well. At one time I thought Wal-Mart was owned and run by conservatives, and people with INTELLIGENCE. I guess that's no more. They've now “bought” the liberal horse manure about guns. I'll be staying away from their stores. You do what you want. I understand Wal-Mart has also declared their stores “gun-free zones.” That means, to me, I am no longer safe in their stores, because only HONEST people obey such things. Criminals don't bother. And all the gun crimes committed in Wal-Mart parking lots proves it. (Second Amendment Insider)

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