Sunday, September 13, 2015

Losing Interest

It looks like anti-gun fools are losing interest in “gun control.” Those running Bloomberg's “Everytown Gun Safety” bunch of fools promised to “flood DC with anti-gun fools” (my words, not theirs) at their recent gathering. But it didn't happen. Only a few hundred showed up for the festivities, and I suspect most of them were there for the party. The media outnumbered protesters at the event, some coming from as far away as France. They took lots of closeup photos of the “crowd,” hoping to hide the small turnout in their dispatches. That's how they do it to advance their agenda to disarm Americans. Many Democrats, including Terry McAuliffe, made speeches to the tiny crowd. Most of the speeches pushed the passage of already discredited legislation that did nothing to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, but did serve to make honest people “easy targets” for those illegally-armed criminals. They say selling a lot of guns is “not what Americans want,” but they're wrong, if statistics showing gun sales booming say anything. They always run pictures of a table full of captured guns with these articles, but I suspect it's always the same photo. They can't have too many. (Free Beacon)

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