Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Needs to Happen More Often

A homeowner a bunch of gang members decided to beat up, and maybe kill since the target of their anger wasn't there, shot and killed one of them and stabbed another (with his own knife?). This needs to happen more often. Then maybe loser kids like these wouldn't being their ILLEGAL guns and try to victimize honest people. This article doesn't say whether the homeowner had his gun legally, but I assume he did, since they didn't talk about any charges against him, either. But you can BET the guns the gang members brought were illegal. If what politicians wanted was true here, this homeowner would probably be dead, now. It pains me that the people we elect to office want to make us defenseless against this type of attack, and especially the attacks that will be coming soon from Islamic terrorists that are having their way here PAID by Obama. Most of these people walk around behind a wall of armed men, anyway. (Guns)

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