Friday, September 4, 2015

"Chicago's Deadliest Day"

The deadliest day since 2003. And that says a lot. Usually the former “deadliest day” is a lot further back than that, but apparently, Chicago has been VERY deadly lately. Mostly since they passed all those “tight gun laws” that work only to make innocent people helpless against criminals, who don't obey laws and always seem to be able to get their guns. On this “deadly day,” NINE different people were killed in different places. It might as well have been a “mass shooting,” but wasn't. Gun deaths have SPIKED by 20% in just the last year in Chicago. Why such things don't “educate” the fools who make those laws is beyond me. It can't be that they're stupid. Those lawmakers are otherwise intelligent (I think, maybe). But they keep approaching gun control from the wrong direction, making laws that only make the problem worse while REFUSING to make laws that can make it better. I think these politicians are just AFRAID of an armed populace, period. They know they can't do anything about the criminals who get their guns illegally, but they hope, at least, to limit the guns in the hands of honest people so they, themselves won't get shot when they come for people's belongings. (Newser)

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