Monday, September 14, 2015

Undermining the NRA

The gun-grabbers have a new scheme. Pay the $25 and JOIN the NRA so as to “infiltrate the NRA” so they'll be able to undermine it. That's what the gun-grabbers want to do, and openly advocate it. For only $25 a year, they figure to get many things, including the right to vote Wayne LaPierre out of office. Good luck with that. Wayne is the PERENNIAL vice president of NRA. No matter who is the president. I don't think there is a way in the NRA by-laws to DO that. And even if they could, what makes them think Wayne is the ONLY person in the NRA hierarchy who can keep this needed organization going? I say, “needed” to counter the machinations of those fools who want to DISARM all honest people in the United States and NOT the criminals, or the terrorists who have come here to kill us.

Do they really think they can destroy the NRA by voting him out of office? The strength of the NRA is their “bench.” They have many good people behind Wayne on their team. That's why they whip the anti-gun freaks so often. Go ahead, anti-gunners. Spend your money to join and make them even stronger. We welcome it! They say in Great Britain, where guns ARE prohibited, they have a murder rate 138 times SMALLER than in the United States, but don't mention how much SMALLER that country is than the United States, and that the murder rate, while smaller than ours, has INCREASED significantly since that law was passed. And as to becoming a “voting majority,” I'm sure the NRA knows all about their ideas and have provisions in the by-laws to prevent it. (Huffington Post)

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