Saturday, September 5, 2015

Harassing Legal Gun Owners

The “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” is resorting to harassment of legal gun owners. They recently sent out a notice to their acolytes: It tells them that if they see ANYONE with a gun, if they are IN ANY WAY “concerned” abut their intentions (a pretty wide requirement, and subject to their own personal opinion), to call the cops and waste everybody's time, since all the legal gun carrier will do is show the cops his/her gun permit and they'll usually back off—unless they are gun control freaks, too. Hopefully, they won't “rough him/her up" before that happens. Since some cops are “in sympathy” with these fools, some will make further trouble for the gun owner until “wiser heads” intervene. So a lot of expensive time will be wasted because of those anti-gun fools who can't get their unconstitutional laws passed, so resort to harassment. (Town Hall)

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