Thursday, September 17, 2015

Insulting Women

That's what the latest horse manure put out by “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence” has done when they suggest women just aren't strong enough to successfully use a gun against an attacker. This is a LOAD of horse manure. What they want to do is disarm all honest Americans (except the criminals, of course, who don't obey their laws). This, of course, ignores the numerous cases where a woman who has a gun successfully defends herself against an attacker. But most of those cases don't get reported in the liberal media because it doesn't “jibe” with their agenda to make all of us defenseless against illegally armed criminals. Not to mention all the Muslim killers that Obama is not only ALLOWING to come here, he is paying their way! He calls them “refugees,” and there may be some refugees among them, but many of them are simply Muslim terrorists wishing to fool Obama (which isn't hard, since he's on their side) into HELPING them infiltrate us. We need to get rid of Obama BEFORE his term is up so he can do less damage to this country. (I'm not suggesting we kill him, for the benefit of those federal snoopers reading this. There are several legal ways to do that.) But rid ourselves of this traitorous saboteur, we must. Be aware the Atlantic is a liberal rag, so don't believe everything you read there. (The Atlantic)

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