Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Self-Inflicted Genocide"

That's how movie director Spike Lee described what he found when he was in Chicago for six weeks shooting an anti-gun movie he calls, “Chiraq.” Blacks talk disdainfully of cops shooting unarmed black men (which happens rarely, if at all), while ignoring the “self-inflicted genocide” committed by those black men, themselves. During the six weeks he was in Chicago, which has some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation, there were 400 SHOOTINGS, which killed 65 people and injured 331. He, and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel hope to point out that genocide in that film. But they pointedly fail to mention that most of those shootings were carried out with ILLEGALLY-owned guns. Not those owned by law-abiding people. That's a common failing for anti-gunners. Most of the “gun problems” we see come from people who get their guns ILLEGALLY, not from honest citizens who OBEY the law and have LEGAL guns, and they somehow fail to mention that. What a bunch of hypocrites! (Guns)

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