Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why A Military Gun Ban?

Why is it that members of the military are not allowed to be armed on military property unless their DUTY requires it (like military police)? What's the thinking there? That's an easy one. Politicians are AFRAID of the military. They know what they do is outrageous and if a generally armed military gets “up in arms,” their days are short. So they send them over seas and arm them there, but when they come home they keep them unarmed so the military can't do what the military has done in other “tin-pot dictatorships” and just “take over” the government, throwing those politicians out of office, and in some cases, putting them in prison for their “crimes against humanity” and even executing them. They think returning soldiers are one of the biggest dangers they face, and they're right, as long as they continue to RAPE the citizens of this country (The Hill)

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