Saturday, July 18, 2015

Americans "Arming Up"

The number of persons holding concealed carry permits has increased 15.4%. And undoubtedly would have increased a lot more if government employees were not dedicated to keeping Americans from being armed in their own defense, at all costs. These are the only ones that have “slipped through” their vigilant efforts to stop us from being armed. With crime increasing everywhere, and Islamic terrorism obviously coming here, since things like the Chattanooga shootings are now occurring with a frequency never before seen, canny Americans are DETERMINED to be armed in self-defense. And if they can't get their guns legally, they will do what criminals do, and become criminals themselves, by seeking out an ILLICIT gun dealer in some back alley somewhere and buy their guns out of the trunk of his car. Of course, they take a chance on buying a gun with a crime already attributed to it that way, and if ever caught, could well be charged with that crime. But that's the chance you take when you try and “go around” those fool laws the gun-grabbers pass. (Real Clear Policy)

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