Sunday, July 26, 2015

Inspired By ISIS!

There's no question the shooting at the Chattnooga recruitment center was motivated by Islamic terrorism, (under whatever name they use) no matter how much the feds (motivated by Obama's ignorance, of course) deny it, and pretend they're still trying to find out his motive. It's not that they're stupid, it's that they are WILLFULLY stupid. Obama refuses to call Islamic terrorism what it is, and they are AFRAID to because of that. The point is, wherever people congregate, and especially military people, who have done the Islamic terrorists the most damage, that's where they will strike. Advice: stay away from large groups of people. That's where these damned fool terrorists and would-be terrorists will strike (always unarmed groups). They're coming here to do their “dirty work,” and that's because Obama has INVITED them here by his actions, the latest one of which is giving Iran billions of dollars to spend on killing non-Muslims, and even some Muslims that don't believe EXACTLY the “right way.” Of course, the anti-gun fools come out of the woodwork the minute a gun is involved in ANYTHING, and demand more if their insane and USELESS “gun laws” be passed. (The Blaze)

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