Friday, July 10, 2015

"That'll Fix ' Em!"

After those white on black killings in that black church in S. Carolina, they went right out and did something guaranteed to stop all the racist killings (except the black on white ones, of course) in the land. They passed a law in the S. Carolina legislature to take down the Confederate flag! There! That oughta make it impossible for white racists to kill black people! I understand a female “direct descendant” of Jefferson Davis went before the legislature and screeched her support for the measure. Of course, it won't do a thing to stop black people from killing white folks, which many black extremists are going around calling for. But that's okay, according to Obama and his crowd, who are PUSHING black against white racism now, hoping for something terrible to happen that will allow him to ban guns altogether. The holder of the rights to the eighties' series featuring a car with a Confederate flag on top even pulled that show from reruns. That oughta help, too. Of course, the actors won't be getting any royalty checks any more, but that's neither here nor there. We gotta stop racists from killing black people! And, of course, banning that nasty flag will do it! (CNN)

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