Monday, July 13, 2015

Gun-Grabbers Lied Again

These people apparently don't know how to tell the truth. Their sainted FBI screwed up and ALLOWED the sale of a gun to Dylan Roof, in spite of the felony conviction on his record. It was NOT a “NRA sanctioned loophole” like they told us. It was a screwup by a bureaucrat in the FBI who failed to key it in properly, and then just “let it go.” I guess he./she figured, “no harm, no foul,” but nine people died because of his/her mistake. This just emphasizes how well (sic) the current gun laws work, if it all hinges on the actions of one fumble-fingered bureaucrat. The fact remains that Roof wanted to kill people, and being refused in that gun store was not going to stop him, as easy as it is to find a CRIMINAL to sell him one, or to find one to steal. There are already laws on the books to punish illicit gun salespeople, and THEY wouldn't have worked. (Town Hall)

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