Monday, July 20, 2015

Stepping On Their Own Feet

Gun violence is still a “problem,” although it's not as big a problem as the gun-grabbers want us to think it is, and instead of trying to work on the REAL reasons for it, they're squabbling over a FLAG. A flag that was once the symbol of the DEMOCRAT Party and, indeed, was once used by ex-president Bill Clinton on a campaign button. Now they're trying to make us think it is a “symbol of hate.” What the hell does a FLAG have to do with “gun violence?” Maybe if they'd abandon their USELESS gun laws and make some REAL ones, we might get something done about gun violence. But they won't. They're convinced their idea of proper gun laws are the ONLY thing that will work, although they have proven for YEARS they won't. All they do is get people killed. So they'll keep on pushing their phony “solutions” like “gun registration,” “gun-free zones,: “trigger locks,” “gun safes,” and limiting gun ownership to people they APPROVE. Meanwhile, people die because they're left defenseless before the ILLEGAL guns wielded by criminals, who don't OBEY their laws, or any others. (Tea Party News Network)

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