Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's Expanding

I already wrote about that fool in the White House wanting to ban gun ownership for people on Social Security who have others run their financial affairs (by necessity OR for their convenience), but he's not stopping there. Now he wants to include those who are ill, too. As if being old, or being ill made them into monsters who should not be able to own guns. I'm 77, and I fit in both those other categories (not sufficiently ill to be in a “home,” but I do have my problems, one of which is NOT being unable to handle my own finances). That means I can't legally buy a gun, so I'll probably have to hunt up an ILLEGAL gun seller in an alley somewhere and buy one our of the trunk of his car so I can defend myself and not depend on the cops, who always get there AFTER the crime has been committed. Nothing against cops, but they just CAN'T be everywhere, OR get there in time to STOP all crimes. It's up to US to defend ourselves, and Obama and his ilk just can't see that—or WON'T. (Fox News)

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