Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gun-Grabbers Hate This

As the number of concealed carry permits INCREASES, murder rates DECREASE. That flies contrary to everything they (falsely) preach. Why, it might even lead to the REMOVAL of all their fool “gun laws,” since all they do is get people killed, anyway. One such damned fool notions if “gun-free zones.” Have you ever noticed that almost ALL “mass shootings” have happened in “gun-free zones?” Why is that? Because a potential; mass shooter can be pretty sure there won't be anybody IN one of those “gun-free zones” to oppose him. A “gun-free zone is an OPEN INVITATION to such shooters to “come in and shoot us up.” Any guns there are are probably minutes away. That Navy facility in Chattanooga, TN where six people died at the hands of such a shooter was A “gun-free zone.” Every school and church that has suffered a mass shooter is a “gun-free zone.” When will the people MAKING these stupid laws get smart and stop making them? Even reverse them? Probably never. They're convinced their ideas are sacrosanct and should not be questioned by the peasants. (Freedom Out[post)

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