Saturday, July 11, 2015

"No Law-Abiding Gun Owner"

Leah Gun-Barrett (funny name for a gun hater), head of the “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence,” really let her mask slip when she said, “There is no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner.” Which reveals the hidden opinion of all gun-grabbers that, if ANYBODY got his hands on a gun, he suddenly became a “rabid killer.” That this is a STUPID opinion goes without saying to people with any degree of intelligence. People carry guns legally every day, and they don't go out and commit mass murder. Frankly, I don't know of but ONE CASE where a man bought his gun legally, then committed mass murder, and that is Dylan Roof, who, with a record that should have disallowed a gun purchase, somehow “slipped through the cracks” and was able to buy his gun. He was ALREADY determined to kill some people when he bought it. The gun didn't somehow “cloud his mind” and FORCE him to go into that church, pray with them for an hour, then kill nine people. So even gun control laws ALREADY in place failed to prevent these killings, one gun-hating congressman notwithstanding. He didn't need to own a gun to be kill-crazy. He bought his gun BECAUSE he was ALREADY kill-crazy. And especially, no amount of gun-buyer registration would have stopped him. Identified him after he had killed nine people, maybe. But those people would still be dead. (Bearing Arms)

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