Friday, July 24, 2015

Shooting In Gun-Free Zone

Didja know the shooting in the Louisiana theater (like the shooting in the Colorado theater) is in a “gun-free zone?” These people “cling to their gun-free zones” while people get killed in them every day (with guns), somewhere. Seems like those who want to kill a bunch of people just don't worry about breaking a piddling law like a “gun-free zone/” Surprise, surprise! Meanwhile. Potential mass shooters and other criminals get their guns from other criminals, who make a lot of money selling them on the “black market.” Oops! Obama is gonna call me a racist for saying, “black!” Horrors! I hate it when they accuse me of being racist for such stupid reasons! Meanwhile, they keep on making their silly gun laws while Obama says “We have no common sense gun laws in this country.” And he's right. Because those making the gun laws don't know WHAT are “common sense gun laws,” and keep making their USELESS ones. (Town Hall)

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