Friday, July 17, 2015

The "Big Lie"

That “tighter laws” would STOP gun violence.” What a WHOPPER that is! Did they stop the church shooter in S. Carolina? Did they stop ANY of the mass shooters? Many of whom PASSED background checks, others of which never even bothered to try. They just STOLE their guns or bought them from other criminals. And those sales never have to pass a background check. The kind of “laws” they get passed do nothing except disarm honest people so they're “easy targets” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. But they'll never realize that, nor admit it if they ever did. They don't care about that. They just want to get rid of ALL legally-obtained guns except those in the hands of the cops or other government agencies. The reason for that is painfully obvious. They have plans to take everything they can from honest people in the future and they know if they push them too far, they might stop a few bullets—and they don't want that. You think they don't have such plans? Look back at communist Russia in the beginning and Nazi Germany. They didn't think so, either. (Freedom Outpost)

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