Friday, July 24, 2015

"Obama:Best Gun Salesman":

Obama is the “best gun salesman of the decade,” according to “The Hill.” Well, maybe not THE best, but he's “right up there.” Gun production has more than DOUBLED during the Obama administration, according to BATFE, his own supposed “gun-control” agency. Why is that? Because people are afraid Obama is going to take away their gun rights, and they want to already have their guns, so they can hide them when he comes to “confiscate” (steal) them. The federal assault weapon ban was a prime reason leading to the Democrat “shellacking” in 1994. Remember, the American REVOLUTION started because of the British trying gun control—and it could happen again, but this time, not to Great Britain. Meanwhile, Obama just doesn't realize that HE has done more to sell more guns in America than anybody else. So he keeps on making his USELESS “gun laws. (Town Hall)

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