Sunday, July 19, 2015

On Social Security?

Soon you won't be able to own a gun for self defense, if Obama has his way. He's all set to make an “administrative change” that disallows gun ownership for ANY reason if you are on Social Security and let others handle your finances. This is an example of the outrages he is planning in many areas, not just in gun control. How many times lately have we heard stories about octogenarians stopping crimes with a gun? Often without even firing a shot? Many. There is no LOGICAL reason to ban guns to people on Social Security, but Obama is planning it. They're “putting it together” in secret because they know what an outrage it's going to be. He's going to base his action on people who have others handling their finances. People who are in such bad shape they aren't ABLE to handle their own finances aren't likely to want to buy a gun, anyway. Many people though, have others handle their finances as a CONVENIENCE. But the contention that having others handle your finances equates violent tendencies is a patent fool's play. Under this qualification alone, 4.2 million Social Security recipients would lose their right to own guns. And this action is just “the camel's nose under the tent,” and will lead to banning gun ownership to ALL Social Security recipients, which can lead to banning gun ownership, period. (Breitbart)

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