Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Obama Helps Increase Gun Sales

That's not how he planned it, but that's what happened. I guess you could file it under “unintended consequences.” Americans are so afraid he will eventually succeed in his efforts to make the Second Amendment useless that they're buying guns in huge numbers. He's proud of his “numerous accomplishments” (sic). But this isn't one he wants to claim. He says, “We are the only 'advanced nation' that does not have sufficient common sense gun laws.” He's right. All the laws they HAVE made are NOT “common sense gun laws.” All they do is provide easier targets for the criminals, who do not (willingly) obey laws. A new report by the BATFE says his actions have resulted in an increase in gun production of 140%, just to meet demand. That if his goal was to REDUCE gun production and sales, he has failed miserably. Obama should get an award for “being the best gun salesman in the decade.” An honor I'm sure he has no desire to attain. (Patriot Post)

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