Sunday, July 19, 2015

He Got Some Guns Illegally?

Horrors! The laws they made didn't keep the Aurora shooter from getting all his guns! He got some legally and some ILLEGALLY. The SOB didn't worry about breaking a little law like the one that says he can't have a gun, since he was planning a much worse crime, and the laws didn't even stop him from getting some of them LEGALLY, while he's planning to MURDER as many people as he can! Oh, woe! My gawrsh! You mean gun laws don't work? My faith in humanity is LOST (….not)! THAT for those fools who think “gun laws” will keep such things as the Aurora theater shooting from happening, aas well as the killings in Chattanooga. They should be put in a “rubber room,” because they are INSANE! Mostly because these things keep happening to make their laws into a LIE, and they keep making them, hoping that if they keep doing the same things over and over they will someday WORK! That, in itself, is the DEFINITION of insanity. But they keep doing it, over and over, and people keep dying because of it, since it keeps them DISARMED and unable to defend themselves. Somebody needs to take the lawmaking toys away from these FOOLS so they can't keep getting people killed by their damned foolishness. (Town Hall/Katie Pavlich)

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