Thursday, July 23, 2015

No Right to Bear Arms?

Politicians, led by Obama, are still trying to tell us we don't have “the right” to bear arms.. That what is meant by the second Amendment simply means we can “bear arms” if the government gives us permission, and if we obey the limitations they put on that “permission.” NOT SO, as it is with many of the things our erstwhile government tells us. According to the Second Amendment, we have an UNFETTERED RIGHT to “bear arms,” against the GOVERNMENT, if necessary. In fact, being armed against government overreach is an important part of what the Second Amendment means. Politicians know their fondest dream is to severely limit the other rights we enjoy, and that they intend later, to come to us and take what they want, as what the “RICO Laws” NOW allow—their “right” to declare any money or property they find on us to be ILLEGAL, and to just TAKE IT, without the necessity of even filing charges against us. You think I'm wrong, just Google “RICO Laws" and see what's out there. Find a copy of the laws themselves and READ them. It'll be a revelation for you. (Weapon Blog)

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