Saturday, July 25, 2015

Only In La-La Land

Bostonians saw a man getting on a bus wearing an ammunition belt with some phony ammunition in it and called the cops. Really! They got so frightened at this they called the COPS! And, true to form, the cops not only responded, they arrested the guy. Fortunately, “wiser heads” intervened and charges were dropped. The man was NOT carrying a gun, only some phony ammunition. And that alone so frightened the Boston liberals that they called the cops, and the cops actually ARRESTED him! Is this STUPID, or what? But what do you expect in La-La Land? They're so brain-washed there, the sight of a bullet makes them wet their drawers. And that includes the cops, who were stupid enough to actually ARREST this guy. What would they do if they actually saw a gun? I shudder to think. Probably shoot him on sight. What amazes me is the CHARGES brought against him. It was “unlawful possession of ammunition and carrying a GUN! He was NOT carrying a gun and it's really STUPID to make possessing ammunition into a crime. But what can you expect in La-La Land? (Right to Bear)

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