Sunday, July 12, 2015

Just Any Excuse to Tax

The gun-grabbers will use any excuse they can find to make it harder on gun owners to be able to AFFORD to own guns. Now, politicians in Seattle want to impose a special $25 per gun tax on all gun purchases, and a 25 cent tax per bullet bought, as what they call a “gun violence tax,” payable and to be passed on to customers, gun sellers. EVERYBODY who buys a gun or a bullet will have to pay this tax, even though a majority of them will never be involved in gun violence, except maybe as a DEFENDER against UNTAXED guns and bullets held by criminals, who not only obey NO laws, but pay NO taxes, either, since they STEAL their guns, or buy them from other criminals out of their car trunks in a back alley somewhere. But then we know their goal is not to disarm CRIMINALS, it's to disarm HONEST people who DO obey laws, no matter how stupid that is. (The Daily Caller)

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