Monday, July 27, 2015

Pushing Gun control

The Journal-Inquirer in Connecticut (where else but the North East?) is pushing HARD for “gun control” in a letter to the editor from a small-town mayor (who is probably a member of Bloomberg's “Mayors Against guns.”). But all I hear is the same ol' same ol' when they talk about what CONSTITUTES gun control in their minds, none of which do ANYTHING to ACHIEVE gun control, but simply disarm HONEST people and make them “easy targets” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, who do not obey laws. They say our gun laws are “loose and varying,” but that's a false generalization, as usual. Of course, this piece immediately becomes a slam against Republicans and support for Hillary and other Democrats when they say, “Not a single Republican candidate for president has embraced common-sense reforms to curb gun violence. I am forever thankful that our Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, since first announcing her campaign has taken a leading role in the discussion of how to curb gun violence. “ Of course, Hillary has no real answers. Either. This mayor mentions Sandy Hook, but fails to mention that Sandy Hook, as a school, was already a “gun-free zone,”:which did NOTHING to stop the shooter from coming in and killing a few children. I searched high and low, but could not determine her political party. But I figure it must be Democrat, since she “knocks” Republicans in her piece. Damn! It used to be a REQUIREMENT for all things political about a political figure include their party connection. But apparently no more. (Journal-Inquirer)

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