Friday, July 10, 2015

Nancy: "Moral Obligation"

Good ol' Nancy Peelosi displays her stupidity again with this one: “Americans have a moral obligation to support gun control.” But, of course, she says nothing about border control or deporting illegal aliens, or the other laws Obama ignores. No Nancy, we DON'T HAVE an “obligation” to support the stupid, useless gun laws they're passing these days. All they do is disarm HONEST PEOPLE and DO NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws. They just get honest people killed since they're defenseless against illegally armed criminals. I guess nothing can stop ol' Nancy from displaying her stupidity every time she opens her pie hole. Maybe her friends in Congress can help there by whispering in her ear about her stupid statements before she makes them. We need to get this stupid woman OUT of Congress before her stupidity really scuttles us. (Just common sense)

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