Monday, July 13, 2015

Everytown Lies Again

Everytown Against Guns (or something like that), another one of former NY Mayor Bloomberg's gun-grabbing outfits lies again. They're trying to convince us that there has been at least ONE “school shooting” every week since Sandy Hook. But that's a lie. It all depends on how you DEFINE “school shootings.” I don't call it a “school shooting” when somebody commits suicide CLOSE to a school. Or when a couple of gang members shoot each other outside a school--or even INSIDE a school. Yes, there have been a FEW “school shootings” where a guy comes into the school with a gun and shoots the place up, killing as many people as possible. One guy shooting another CLOSE to a school does not qualify. But they keep on trying, and many gullible people who “pay no attention to politics” eat it up. So they get to pass yet another of their USELESS gun laws that only serve to disarm HONEST people and get them killed. (Daily Caller)

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