Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vetoing Gun Control

New Yorkers are “vetoing” New York Gov. Cuomo's ambitions “gun registration” scheme, by—ignoring it. You can't put EVERYBODY in jail, nor even FINE them if they refuse to pay. Soon you'll go broke trying to prosecute them all. Even an entire state has limits on how much money it has—and if you can't prosecute them because of their sheer NUMBERS, you've lost, before you start. This is the way to defeat such laws and such people. Just refuse to comply, and defy them to punish you ALL. This is a “stunning repudiation” of Cuomo and his useless gun laws. He came up with this useless law to register all guns after the Sandy Hook massacre, as if somebody planning mass murder is going to worry about disobeying a crappy little law like registration. When you want to kill a bunch of people, you don't worry about little things like registering your gun. But then, Cuomo isn't smart enough to figure that out for himself. (World Net Daily)

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