Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"That's Not How Marines Respond!"

That's the response to Obama from Marcus Luttrell, hero Marine sniper, when he heard about the order coming down not to wear their uniforms for a while. He further added that letting them have GUNS at their recruiting offices would guarantee no more Marines or Navy Gobs (spoken respectfully) would die in such a shooting. Anybody trying it would die in an instant. Obama, DON'T disarm our military. In military institutions, or ANYWHERE. Don't disarm Americans. Like Tojo thought, one of the best defenses for America is “a gun behind every blade of grass.” Obama's big problem is that he thinks the way to self-defense is to DISARM everybody. He forgets (if he ever knew) that criminals don't obey laws.

They get their guns any way they can, from STEALING them to buying them from another criminal in a back alley somewhere.But the fact remains, they will always HAVE their guns, no matter what honest people do. Islamic terrorists have already come here and are plotting to kill Americans every day. If we don't ARM OURSELVES, we will be the same easy targets as the Islamic terrorists face elsewhere as they go about killing, maiming, raping, and beheading innocent people who don't believe the exact way they think they should. To American citizens: GET A GUN, learn how to use it, and be ready when some bearded fool comes to kill you. Send him home in a box. Let him and his friends know it won't be as easy for him and his friends to kill people here. (The Blaze)

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