Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Australian Gun Control

Actress Rebel She says she doesn't know of ANY “mass shootings that have happened there since they passed an almost TOTAL gun ban. Wilson (Pitch Perfect, whatever THAT is!) What about the one that happened in Sydney, Rebel? You know, the one nobody important but Fox News is reporting on, huh, Rebel? The one that happened in a Sydney cafe and resulted in THREE DEATHS, including that of the shooter? The one that put four people in the hospital, including one cop, who got shot in the face? Cops and politicians rushed to assure us this was NOT a “terrorist attack, even though the shooter was a KNOWN Islamic terrorist agitator who was “on bail” while awaiting trial for killing his WIFE (There should be NO BAIL for a capital crime). They says it was a “damaged goods” person with a "grudge against the world.” They must be taking their cues from Obama. Studies on gun deaths (mostly suicides, which seems to be what they concentrate on) show a DECREASE. But, according to experts, their “studies” are “flawed” in their methodology. For instance, they will not call it a “mass shooting” unless MORE than 3 people are killed. And I'm sure many are simply not covered at all. They probably don't include figures for ILLEGALLY-obtained guns at all. (Washington Post)

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