Friday, July 17, 2015

No Guns On Military Base

Liberals are making a “big thing” about so many Marines being killed in that Chattanooga attack, but they're not mentioning the reason why that is: they're not allowed to carry weapons in any military base unless their duty requires it. Which reduces the possibility for them to effectively fight back. What this does is effectively make any military base into a “gun-free zone,” which is an OPEN INVITATION to anybody who wants to shoot them up. It makes our military people “sitting ducks” for people like that. Until those in charge figure this out, more people are going to die as crazy shooters like this Islamic terrorist take advantage of that irresponsibility. I've said on many occasions that the people running this government are INCOMPETENT. It is this sort of thing that proves my words, every time. It's not the military that's incompetent,. It is the people making the rules they must follow. And the people running things are deathly AFRAID of having more armed people on military bases than absolutely necessary—or anywhere else, for that matter—except for the offices of federal agents and police. (NewsOK)

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