Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seniors Need Protection, Too!

Even more than able-bodied people do! But Obama is taking steps to DISARM as many of them as possible by making “rules” that ban the ownership of guns for seniors who have others to manage their finances—whether or not they do it because they can't do it themselves, or it is just more convenient for them (and that is just the "camel's nose in the tent."). It doesn't matter to Obama. He will take their guns away, anyway, Never mind that, being old and infirm, many of them have no other way of defending themselves if some young, strapping, guy decides to victimize them. There is no LOGICAL reason to disarm these people except for the fact Obama isn't able to do it any other (legal) way, and he can CLAIM that if they can't (won't) handle their own finances, they MUST be a “danger to society,” whether they are, or not (they're not). In other areas, he (and locals) are penalizing people who have too much ammunition in their homes. Ammunition is NOT a :fire hazard,” but fire departments are saying they are and are (at orders from higher up?) confiscating (stealing) that ammunition, sometimes forcefully, using axes to break into their homes. It's happening right here in Denver. Obama has all sorts of illegal scams (that need no congressional approval) working to steal guns and ammunition (guns are no good without ammo) so as to DISARM as many people as possible. He must be really scared of a revolution if he's working so hard to get our guns away from us. (1776 Coalition)

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