Thursday, July 16, 2015

Prefer Gun-Filled Areas

A recent Gallup Poll found that most people (63% of us) “feel safer” in an area where residents are allowed to have guns. And that number has DOUBLED since 2000, when the number was only one in three. They wisely infer that with more people armed, an outside (or inside) criminal will have less chance of success. This, of course, nullifies what the gun-grabbers say. They insist (in spite of reality) that most people want to live where most people are disarmed, and that's a lot of bullderm. But then, they're specialists at SPREADING bullderm. An even more recent Rasmussen Poll found the number to be 68%! So it's not just one poll. And both these pollsters have a reputation for being right. In this story they say, “Shout this to a liberal and watch him (her) squirm.” But that's incorrect. They never squirm. They just question the veracity of both polls and go on lying to America. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

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