Monday, September 30, 2013

Punished For Playinbg guns--At Home

These overly-officious school “officials” suspended these kids for playing with BB guns—at home! Not even at school! I thought they didn’t have any authority over kids at home. Looks like they just TOOK it. The school originally EXPELLED them, but when media got into the picture, they changed it to long-term suspension. The father of one of the kids says the action lacks common sense, and I agree. This is a case of “zero tolerance” going WAY too far. They originally suspended them for “firing guns,” but changed that to “firing Air-Soft guns. ”The kids were on the father’s PRIVATE PROPERTY and nowhere near the school at the time. But that apparently doesn’t make any difference to these officious school “authorities.” This incident will stop those kids from being accepted at a college later because the school did not make the distinction between toy guns and real guns. I don’t think the school had any business sticking their noses in this, They should have kept it out. But NO! They just HAD to ruin this kid’s chances at college later. (WAVY)

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