Sunday, September 1, 2013

Incompetent Politicians

Why do we (not me) keep electing these incompetent politicians who think the way to stop gun violence is to take guns out of the hands of honest, responsible Americans? What FOOLS are they who think DISARMING us is the way to help us defend ourselves while they run around with their “hired guns” to protect them? The best defense is a gun in the hands of honest people. But lacking that, people can buy, and carry devices made to allow them to divert an attacker’s attention for an important split second that allows them to “get out of there.” I’m 75 years old. I was driving one day when a fool passed me on the right and cut in front of me. I just shook my head, which apparently made him mad. He blocked me to the curb and ran toward me with “blood in his eye.” He reached in my window, intending to jerk me out and beat the hell out of me, I guess. I took that opportunity to zap him with my stun gun (disguised as a cell phone) sending 800,000 volts through his arm. The last I saw of him as I drove away, he was standing in the street, wondering what just happened. These things work. Get one, or a pepper spray, which also works well as long as these incompetent politicians won’t let you have a gun to use in self-defense. (Just common sense)

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