Wednesday, September 11, 2013

They Wonder Why We Don't Like Them

Muslims are very different from the rest of us. They stick their rear ends in the air and pray to a non-God five times a day. They oppress their women. They MURDER their own children for doing things the “religion” says defames them. They sell their little girl (children) to older men for sex. They hide their women from the world because they’re sorely AFRAID somebody will want them. They are THAT fearful and weak. They DEMAND we “believe” the exact same way they do, or they want to kill us if we don’t. They’re FOOLS; all of them, to believe the crap their Imams tell them. That’s how I feel, and, even in a country that says I have the right to say what I wish, even if it offends somebody, they want to KILL me for saying it, or even just THINKING it. I'm getting a gun, with which I will defend myself against them when they come to do it. (Just common sense)

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