Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boy, Is Obama Mad!

 He can’t seem to get his anti-gun laws passed in Congress, so of course, “Congress is lazy.” He doesn’t even consider that Congress might—just MIGHT disagree with him and THAT’S why they won’t pass his piss-poor anti-gun laws (Oops—sorry about that).. Maybe they READ them. I guess the Emperor will just have to do what he wants without Congress like he does on most things. He doesn’t need them, anyway, so why does he keep asking them to vote on things? He’s the boss, right? Maybe we could balance the budget (if we actually HAD one that is) if we fired Congress for “sloth” and just let him go ahead and make the laws he wants that Congress always seems to keep him from. In case you’re wondering, this item was hard to write with my tongue so far in my cheek. I think I hurt something. (Washington Times)

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