Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Talk Of" Impeachment

According to the “Conservative News & Views, “talk of impeachment is quietly growing.” So what? We’ve been “talking” about impeachment almost from the first day of Obama’s “reign.” But nothing has been REALLY done about it and Obama continues to do impeachable things every day while people just “talk about” impeachment. Soon we’ll reach the point where impeachment will do nothing because there will not be sufficient time left in his “reign” to achieve it. Obama commits impeachable offenses every time he does things to “get around” Congress, such as his “executive orders” aimed at further restricting the buying and using of an “AR-15,” which was not even one of the guns used at the Navy Yard. Obama and his accomplices have been trying to demonize that specific gun for a long time and continue to do so. (Conservative News & Views)

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Anonymous said...

This picture can be seen on the streets of Egypt today , enjoy .
kids are taught not to safe driving from an early age