Friday, September 27, 2013

Man Shoots Burglar In the Face

I’m getting bored reporting all the instances where honest people with their own guns (where they’re allowed by the silly politicians in charge to have them) are able to defend themselves and the headline doesn’t read, “Gunman shoots homeowner.” They’re so ubiquitous (for those who don’t know what ubiquitous means, it means, “all over the place.”) that it gets boring reporting them. Of course, you don’t see the reports in the liberal media, but that’s not where I get my news. This case is about a man who was ON THE PHONE with 9/11 while three thugs broke into his home. He shot one in the face (while the cops listened) and the others lit out for the tall and uncut. They have yet to be found. The cops DID get there eventually and wrote up the incident. They arrested the one he shot when his buddies “dropped him off” at a local medical center. (American Overlook)

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