Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obama: "Full Of Himself"

He thinks the only opinion worth a sh-t is his. And if you don’t agree with him there is some other reason other than HIM being wrong. Most likely you're either a racist or just want to "mess with him." He’s truly acting like a King or a dictator and he needs to be slapped down. By impeachment, if somebody will “grow a pair” and start REAL proceedings to that point. But lacking that, the only chance we have to stop his atrocities is to prove he was born other than in the United States and that STILL requires somebody who has the gonads to oppose him positively. I don’t recommend assassination, but as many atrocities as he has committed, I’m surprised he IS still alive. You federal thugs reading this note: I DID NOT recommend his assassination.  I merely wondered why, with all the things he’s done, why a crazy hasn’t “offed” him yet. Leave me alone! (Eagle Rising)

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