Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why Is It Always "Black On Black?"

 In Chicago, the “mass shooting” that wounded thirteen people including a three-year-old, happened in the black community. Political correctness prevents liberal media from coming right out and noticing this, though I notice the people who were there and the people who were injured are black. Political correctness is going to be the death of us because it prevents the news media from even NOTICING such things; therefore preventing people from doing something about it. Most people who “knuckle under” to political correctness will predictably call ME a racist for taking note of this and actually (shudder!) REPORTING it! But the fact remains that the largest number of shooting incidents are IN the “black community” where blacks “wall themselves off” from whites, many willingly. This hatred of white people is inimical to good order and remains the cause of what strife there is among blacks and whites and is PROMOTED by Barack Obama (the "half-black" white man). The PC police don’t even want me to USE the word, “black.” That’s STUPID. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, not by the group they’re in. Past injury may give them what they think is good reason to hate whites, though most whites today did not participate in that and are not due their hatred. (MSNBC)

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