Thursday, September 19, 2013

Selling Us Down the River

We’ll vote for ANYTHING that “sounds good.” That’s why they give their onerous bills that, if passed, remove from us basic rights that the Constitution said they may not have "good-sounding" names. Such as the “Parental Rights Act,” which is about ANYTHING BUT parental rights. It’s written in the usual complicated “legalese” that is difficult to understand (they plan it that way so you’ll get bored and stop reading), but clearly enumerates our RESPONSIBILITIES to our children, not our RIGHTS. (This use of the word “enumerated” having nothing to do with the “enumeration of powers” written into the Constitution). DO NOT allow this to be implemented unless you want to LOSE your parental rights over your children. READ the Act, no matter how boring, and EXAMINE what they’re saying DEEPLY. This is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL law on its face if you take the time to do that. DO IT! They’re passing it quietly, without much notice from the liberal media. PAY ATTENTION to it and STOP IT! Somehow, somewhere, they ALWAYS have something like this “in the works” and you need to be ALERT to this kind of subterfuge and con games. (Freedom Outpost) Notice the source for this is the “alternative media.” You won’t find it in the liberal media.

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