Saturday, September 7, 2013

Protection for Firearm Makers

Oklahoma House has passed a law to protect firearms makers from frivolous lawsuits aimed at bankrupting them to hurt the gun industry. “This legislation would provide that lawsuits may not be brought against manufacturers, distributors or sellers of firearms if such suits are based on criminal or unlawful use of the product by a third party.  However, these protections would not apply to actions arising from the unlawful sale or transfer of firearms, or to instances in which the transferor knew, or should have known, that the recipient would engage in the unlawful sale or transfer of the firearm, or would use, or purposely allow the use of, the firearm in an unlawful, negligent, or improper fashion.” It would protect them from criminals suing them because the CRIMINAL misused a gun. Such suits are a common tactic of anti-gun fools to try and put gun makers out of business. Such laws need to be made elsewhere. (NRA-ILA)

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