Sunday, September 15, 2013

Typical Liberal BS

Angela Giron had a “breakdown” on TV the other day after a disgusted anchor cut her off in mid-rant while she was claiming she only lost because her supporters “couldn’t make it to the polls.” Why is that? Maybe because they had “seen the light” and didn’t support her Nazi-style laws any more. In any case, her statement is “typical liberal BS,” making a broad statement without ANY proof, expecting people to believe it on her unsupported word alone. Her supporters, if they did WANT to vote, would have had no more difficulty in reaching the polls than would ANYBODY. “Voter suppression” is only in her imagination—or at least this election showed her own voter suppression didn’t work. And it’s common for the Post to publish this kind of BS without comment from the other side. Why they allowed it in this case, I don’t know. (Denver Post)

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