Monday, September 2, 2013

Fools Raging against Guns

Anti-gun fanatics have many excuses for not using guns in self-defense. One is, “The cops will protect you so you don’t need a gun.” That is one of the most foolish. The cops CAN’T protect you because they can’t always be right there when you need protection. Another is: “If people carry guns, there will be killings over parking spaces and neighborhood baseball games.” I got news for them. There already ARE such shootings, and all involving ILLEGAL guns. Criminals do not obey laws saying they cannot be armed, so they get their guns, anyway. Neighborhood gang members are ALL armed (illegally) and shoot people for the most trivial reasons. One day in Denver a kid asked a man on the street for a cigarette. The man, who didn’t smoke, told him he didn’t have any. So the kid shot and killed him. What they predict will happen if honest, responsible people are armed is already happening, with people using ILLEGAL guns. So what’s their point? Cops can’t protect you. They can only document your murder AFTER it happens. So it’s always best to have your own gun. Responsible people don’t shoot each other over traffic accidents. (Just common sense)

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